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How to create a tree break to block a prevailing wind.

What are the trees that block the most wind?

To create the best wind break, select trees that grow 'wide' and NOT just tall. Oak trees while beautiful are not a good selection for a wind break. There is not enough dense foliage.

Cedar trees, Juniper trees, Pine trees and Cypress trees make a good selection.

  • Alligator Juniper
  • Arizona Cypress,
  • Blue Ice Arizona Cypress,
  • Blue Phitzes Juniper
  • Western Red Cedar,
  • Incense Cedar,
  • Italian Stone Pine,
  • Elderica Pine,
  • Ketleri Juniper
  • Pinyon Pine,
  • Ponderosa Pine,
  • Utah Juniper,
  • Spartan Juniper

Tips about Planting Tree Windbreaks

  • Choose evergreen trees for the most consistence windbreak.
  • Tree heights should vary, remember you want to break the flow of the wind.
  • Consider adding a second row of trees behind the first row for maximum deflection of the wind.
  • Stagger the positions of the trees so they are not aligned between rows of trees.
  • Choose the primary wind direction to plant your first row of trees
  • Do not trim back tree branches - to block the wind you want branches to the ground level.
  • Be patient. Trees can take multiple years to reach their maximum height and fullness.

How fast and large do these trees grow?

Evergreen trees such as Cedar Trees grow at a fast rate. Pine trees grow at a slower rate. However, Pine trees will grow to be very tall (a Cluster Pine at the nursery is about 20' tall), while Cedar trees are shorter in nature (between 8 and 12 feet).

Different varieties of Cypress are different shades of green, that can add visual interest to your row of windbreak trees.

Arizona Blue Ice Cypress

There are several varieties of Arizona Cypress with different shades of blue foliage, from slightly blue gray to bright blue. We carry two varieties.

An Arizona Cypress has a wonderful shape and grows very wide at the base is more narrow on top.

Italian Stone Pine Candles

An Italian Stone Pine tree is a great tree to choose because it foliage is extremely dense.

Different windbreak trees

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