Oaks of the Wild West

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Oak Trees Varieties We Carry

We collect acorns from the wild in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. We also source acorns from California and other areas in the US. We grow trees from the wide variety of acorns collected.

We also pay attention to how Oak trees grow in the wild, if they are growing on a rocky hillside (they probably require more drainage) or growing next to a creek (they are probably well-adapted to times of lots of water and periods of drought).

We also know that trees planted in correct location on your property can add shade during hot weather, shielding portions of the house or the same deciduous Oak tree can let in extra light and warmth during colder winter weather. It's a topic commonly known as "Landscaping for Energy Savings".

Silver Leaf Oak Tree
Silver Leaf Oak  | Texas Red Oak

Mexican White Oak Leaf Mexican Blue Oak Sapling
Mexican White Oak  |  Mexican Blue Oak

Native Oak Trees

  • Arizona White Oak (Quercus arizonica) Arizona Native
  • Boissier Oak (Quercus boissieri)
  • California White Oak (Quercus lobata)
  • Canyon Live Oak (Quercus chrysolepis)
  • Canby Oak (Quercus canbyi)
  • Chestnut Leaf Oak (Quercus castanifolia)
  • Chinquapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii) West Texas and Central Texas
  • Chisos Red Oak (Quercus gravesii) West Texas
  • Emory Oak (Quercus emoryi) West Texas and Arizona
  • Gamble Oak (Quercus gambelli) West Texas and Arizona
  • Mexican Royal Oak - Germana Oak (Quercus germana)
  • Gray Oak (Quercus grisea) (Texas Native)
  • Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa)
  • Escarpment Live Oak (Quercus fusiformis) Texas Native
  • Lacey Oak (Quercus laceii) Texas Native
  • Mexican Blue Oak (Quercus oblongifolia) West Texas and Arizona Native
  • Mohns Oak (Quercus moriana) Texas Native
  • Pin Oak (Quercus palustris Texas Native
  • Red Rock Oak (Quercus buckleyi) Texas Native
  • Texas Red Oak (Quercus buckleyi) Texas Native
  • Toumey Oak (Quercus toumeyi)
  • Shumard Red Oak (Quercus shumardii) Texas Native
  • Silver Leaf Oak (Quercus hypoleucoides) Arizona and New Mexico Native
  • Sonoran Scrub Oak Arizona and New Mexico Native
  • Vasey Oak (Quercus pungensvar.vaseyana) Texas Native

Other Oak Varieties

We carry smaller amounts of other Oak species as well. Through some of our contacts, we also have some English Oak (Quercus Rober) and California Live Oak, Interior Live Oak and California Valley Oak.

New this year are collected Hinkley acorns. This is another one of the Oak varieties (like a Vasey Oak or a Mohn's Oak) that are small trees typically not more than 10 to 12 feet. Great for a smaller landscape area!

We also plant out our Oak varieties and track how they grow in the different environments between SE Arizona and Central Texas.

Oak trees varieties adapt well to the differing amounts of rainfall as well as temperature. In cold winters oaks can survive wide extremes of temperatures, from the single digits into the 100's without an issue.

How we grow our trees

We do not force feed our trees to push them to create fast excessive growth. This helps to ensure that our trees have an established root base for their age.

As a part of the growing process, we transplant trees into larger containers as they grown to help prevent tree root girdling.