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Oaks of the Wild West Native trees of the southwest

Growing Native Trees of the Southwest


Remembering the blossoms of Spring!

Golden Ball Lead tree

Mexican Plum blossom

Western Red Bud blossom

We love the Natives. They are so much easier to care for once established.

We love it when trees bloom, they attract a different kind of wildlife.

The Golden Ball Lead tree can bloom multiple times with the rains!

Oaks of the Wild West

It's indian summer for a few more days!

Arizona and New Mexico monsoons are long gone but now is the time to start planting!

At the Arizona tree nursery we have had several nice rain showers and the trees have shown their appreciation... The new crop of Oak Trees looks very healthy!

Don't forget to care for your newly planted trees by watering deeply and frequently.

The young Gamble Oaks are requiring more water in the heat of multiple 100 degree days. The young Escarpment Live Oaks are definitely Texas tough. The Mexican Blue Oaks are thriving in the heat!

We carry a wide variety of native plants from a variety of southern states, primarily Texas, Arizona and California. We have a smaller selection of trees from New Mexico.

Many of the Oak Trees and Pine Trees grow throughout the US.  We've sold lots of trees to the North Carolina as well as Utah - even recently to Las Vegas, NV so call us if you have questions about the tree you want and it's viability for your area.

Great shade trees that make great fall color?

  • Texas Red Oak
  • Shumard Oak
  • Lacey Oak
Texas Red Oak Fall Color

Native Tree Nursery

Our nursery specializes in collecting a wide variety of Oak species.  With our connections, we collect acorns from around the world, including a wide variety of California Native Oaks.

We have two nursery locations, Central Texas and SE Arizona.  Our original location is outside of Sierra Vista in Southeastern Arizona.

We can help you make the right selection of native trees for your area, from California to Virginia and in-between.

We carry a limited amount of other Oak tree species as well : Netleaf Oak (Quercus rugosa) - Mexican Blue Oak (Quercus oblongifolia).

The Mexican Blue Oak is a unique tree native to Arizona and Texas. The leaves are strong a dark blue color and have an unusual shape. The tree is very drought tolerant. When new leaves appear on the plant they are a wonderful light pink color. Typically, throughout the winter the tree is evergreen, however during the last severe cold winter with temperatures down to 3 degrees, the leaves were affected, but the plants survived.

List of current Native Oak trees we carry

  1. Arizona White Oak (Quercus arizonica) (Arizona collection) Arizona Native
  2. Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa) (Arizona / Central Texas collection)
  3. California Valley Oak (Quercus lobata) California Native
  4. Canyon Live Oak (Quercus chrysolepis) California, Arizona native
  5. Chestnut Leaf Oak (Quercus castanifolia)
  6. Chinquapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii) (Central Texas / West Texas collection) Texas native
  7. Chisos Red Oak (Quercus gravesii) (West Texas collection) Texas native
  8. Engelmann Oak (Quercus engelmanni) California native
  9. Escarpment Live Oak (Quercus fusiformis)Texas native
  10. Emory Oak (Quercus emoryi)Arizona  / Texasn Native
  11. Gamble Oak (Quercus gambelli) Arizona /New Mexico/ Texas native
  12. Germana Oak (Quercus germana) Mexican Royal Oak
  13. Graves Oak (Quercus gravesii) (West Texas collection) Texas native
  14. Gray Oak (Quercus grisea) (West Texas collection) New Mexico / Texas native
  15. Holly Oak (Quercus ilex)
  16. Lacey Oak (Quercus laceyii) Texas native (Texas Superstar tree)
  17. Mexican Blue Oak (Quercus oblongifolia)(Arizona collection) Arizona native
  18. Mexican White Oak / Monterey Oak (Quercus polymorpha) Arizona and Texas native
  19. Mohn's Oak (Quercus mohriana) (West Texas collection) Texas native
  20. Texas Red Oak - Red Rock Oak (Quercus buckleyi) Texas native
  21. Sandpaper Oak (Quercus pungens) (West Texas collection) Texas native
  22. Shrub Live Oak (Quercus turbinella) (California / Arizona collection) California / Arizona / New Mexico/ Texas native
  23. Shumard Red Oak (Quercus shumardii) Texas native
  24. Silver Leaf Oak (Quercus hypoleucoides) Arizona native
  25. Vasey Oak (Quercus vaseii/pungens) Texas native
  26. Valley Oak (Quercus lobata) California native